Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Yoshizawa Akira Japanese Origami - Founder of ORIGAMI

IN Japanese Language: Yoshizawa Akira; 14 March 1911 - 14 March 2005) He is founder origami organizations, He is Japanese.
Akira Yoshizawa origami Akira Yoshizawa He has membership in which is the art of origami to make in his life. Until the time he died, he made more than 50,000 models a few hundred model is in in 18 books. In 1983, during the reign of Emperor Hirohito, Akira holds an Order of the Rising Sun, the highest for a Japanese citizen.
Yoshizawa Akira Japanese Origami

Akira is a pioneer of Origami various techniques, one wet-folding, or fold the paper in wet conditions. In this technique moistened paper before folding, creating a more rounded look and appear to be carved.

It is regarded by many as the beginning of a paradigm shift into a work of art of origami, from the previous generally regarded as an ancient traditional craft.
Yoshizawa Akira 2005