Monday, August 15, 2011

GAMMA 1 LP 79 & GAMMA 2 LP 80 & GAMMA 3 LP 82

Please find the link above in the title words go for all three Gamma's.

GET SMART! - Action Reaction LP 84

Please find the link above in the title and be sure to search for their early hardcore LP and I may just post that one later as this LP is quite varied with a mellow hit and a few more good hardcore songs on this mellower release.

NO MAN - Whamon Express LP 90

Please shimmy your pointer to the title text and click there a link will form and maybe I will find this SST stallward's first release.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hello All You Happy People

A False Confession have I, with some sappy tunes to make you cry...Archibald is the name. For all you paying attention, you won't hated this other I didn't misspell a thingy. P.S. click on the band name(s) for auricular joy(s)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

V/A - Suburban Voice Presents...No Sleep For Hardcore '01

International Hardcore/Punk Compilation

(Limp Wrist/Tear It Up/Punch In The Face/Dillinger Four/Vitamin X/Balance Of Terror/F-Minus/John Brown's Army/Esperanza/Pac-Men/A-Team/Strikers/Live From Death Row/Molotov Cocktail/Fast Actin' Fuses/Four Letter Word/Self Defense/Scally/xFilesx/Straight To Hell/Hates/Word Salad)

Get It Here:

V/A - Suburban Voice Presents...Dangerously Unstable '99

International Hardcore/Punk Compilation

(Anti-Flag/Zero Boys/Gordon Solie Motherfuckers/Subhumans/The Unseen/The Pist/The Boils/Murder-Suicide Pact/The Neighbors/Out Cold/Econochrist/Infest/Boiling Man/Close Call/No Way Out/React/The Freeze/Third Degree/Isolated/9 Shocks Terror)

Get It Here:

V/A - No More Heroes: A Tribute To The Stranglers '98

International Punk Compilation

(U.S. Chaos/The Reducers/Wretched Ones/The Truents/Ugly Truth/Joe Diaz And The Disrupters/Sanity Assassins/Timebomb '77/Tedio Boys/Wat Tyler/Dead End Kids/The Candy Snatchers/The Invaders/The Independents/The Sisters Of Morrissey/Blast Fence)

Get It Here:

Friday, August 12, 2011

VA - A Real Cool Time - Distorted Sounds From The North LP 85 Amigo Records

Please see above description and click there for a link to this neo-paisley era Swede compilation with such greats as the Nomads, Problem, The Shoutless, Wilmar X, Dr Yogami, the Creeps, Hidden Charms, the Wayward Souls, Occasional Dead Flys, the Bottle Ups, Watermelon Men, Slobster, the Preachers and the Pyromaniacs.

IRON CITY HOUSEROCKERS - Have A Good Time (But Get Out Alive) LP 80 & Blood On The Bricks LP 81

Please find the link above in the title to download this band from Cleveland.

VA - The Rhino Brothers Present The World's Worst Records! LP 83

Please see the title above for a link to this compilation containing the bands: the Novas, Edith Massey, Jimmy Cross, Heathen Dan, The Temple City Kazoo Orchestra, Gloria Balsam, The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, the Seven Stooges, Barnes & Barnes, Ogden Edsl, the Turtles, Johnny Meeskite, the Breakers & Wild Man Fischer.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Velvet Monkeys - Future LP 83

Please click above title for a link and a post I do for another recent blogger posting a Velvet Monkeys demo and wanting more so here...good call my friend. Search it with "blogspot" next to the title for more.

The Alpha Band - st LP 76 & Spark In The Dark LP 77 & The Statue Makers Of Hollywood LP 78

Please look to clicking in the title text field above the LP picture for the next frame.

Cécilia Accompagnée Par Les Ennuis - Avec les garçons EP (2001)

Garage rock/Surf pop from France

(Damn charming EP. Listen to one of the songs here)

Cécilia et Ses Ennuis - Wild wild EP (2000)

Garage rock/Surf pop from France


Cécilia et Ses Ennuis - Dionysus EP (2000)

Garage rock/Surf pop from France

(By far the best one of the 4 EPs)

Cécilia et Ses Ennuis - Mon engin D'Enfer EP (2000)

Garage rock/Surf pop from France

(Thanks to Brian Guy who opened my eyes to this great little garage project. Fantastic vocalist who used to front the French punkband The No-Talents.)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Battalion Of Saints - Demos '82

Hardcore From U.S.

Get It Here:

Battalion Of Saints - Muscle Of Love 7" EP '97

Hardcore From U.S.

Get It Here:

Battalion Of Saints A.D. - Hell's Around The Next Corner 7" EP '95

Hardcore From U.S.

Get It Here:

Battalion Of Saints - Sweaty Little Girls 7" EP '88

Hardcore From U.S.

Get It Here:

Battalion Of Saints/S.V.D.B. - Split 7" '83

Hardcore From U.S.

Get It Here:

Battalion Of Saints - Second Coming 7" EP '83

Hardcore From U.S.

Get It Here:

Battalion Of Saints - Fighting Boys 12" EP '82

Hardcore From U.S.

Get It Here:

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dead Silence bw Dissent Split LP 88

Please refer above to the title text link to this split of Dissent from South Dakota and a favorite here at the DU blog, Dead Silence from Denver.

Rifle Sport - White LP 87

Please direct your next click towards the title words above and a link will form. Couple O' skips on a couple O' tracks but all in all good to see old Gerald here who was clerk at the Alt skate shop in Uptown at the time, seeing these guys a lot in the 7th St. Entry and on my first after school show --they followed Big Black and Steve Albini's brick of Black Cat firecrackers...I guess it broke the ice nicely before the show...Breaking Circus was usually on the triple bill as well.

RAGE TO LIVE - st LP 86 & Blame The Victims LP 89

Please look up above the LP shot in the title text, mousestrike there for the link.

V/A - Bernando says... Duck and cover Vol.1 (2011)

Oi! from U.S

(A bootleg celebrating bands that can ignore the big bad violent skinhead cliché and actually does something new with songs you never thought they listened to in the first place.)

The artists that get covered are: Gloria Jones, Elton John, Kim Wilde, Bon Jovi, Blondie, The who, Sam Cooke, Bob Marley, The Undertones, Jim Carrol band, Buddy Holly, Merle haggard, Peter paul and mary, The stranglers, Fleetwood mac, Hank williams.

Go here for full bandhistory and discography of the bands who appear on this bootleg. You can also listen to all the original artists there.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

ALCATRAZ - Public Service Announcement (Against Drunk Driving) - Will You Be Home Tonight 12 EP 85

Please find the link above in the title and take heed to Stevie Vai's old band but also search for more ALCATRAZ here in the above title bar on the very top of the page.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

THE NAME - Dangerous Times LP 88

Please click the title of the record listed above the LP cover shot and a link window pop's up.


Please refer above to the title text to click a link and be sure to search for part one of this compilation by searching for more FEARGAL SHARKEY (old Undertones frontman).

CHILDREN(from SD) - Arms To Hold You EP & The Children (from GA) - Every Single Day LP 90 & st LP 89

Please find in the title text above a simple click zone for you to get the file.

Bucks Fizz - st LP 82 & I Hear Talk EP 85 & New Beginning LP 86

Please click this bands titles above and do share if you have more of this happy Ewok music..ha ha (although good to hear "Land Of Make Believe" an older hit song again). Anybody GOT that '81 LP. These guys are from where my dad traced our family back to in Kent, Wales--place of a very old peaceful people known for their singers like Lennon, Marley, Plant, Queensryche singer, Deep Purple singer, etc. etc.

The clockwork crew - are invited! EP (1999)

Oi! from Sweden
(First and probably best release by the band.)