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Friday, March 18, 2011

TREADMILL - Planet Of Playthings LP 90

Please move your mouse over the title text and in an instant a link will appear.

HORSLIPS - The Book Of Invasions A Celtic Symphony LP 76

Please look above to the title words for a link to this seminal classic and search for more Horslips here at DU blog. And a belated Happy St. Patrick's Day (from a Patrick--me).

YARD TRAUMA - No Conclusions LP 86

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ANNABEL LAMB - The Flame LP 84

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V/A - Trueforce official rules EP (1995)

Oi!/Punk from Japan
(Bands appearing in the comp is: Blade, The hawks, LRF and West side boys choir)

Kommando XY - Näven i bordet DEMOCD (2006)

EBM from Sweden
(Great if you understand Swedish)

Bulldog spirit - Selftitled LP (1999)

Oi!/Hardcore from Australia
(WTF haha the picture is turned as it should but everytime i upload the picture it turns out on the side like this. Im scared.)

Brutal attack - As the drum beats LP (1988)

RAC from U.K.

Sons of pride - The glory & the horror EP (1995)

Oi! from Canada

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

BRAILLE PARTY - Welcome To Maryland LP 84

Please click above title to this classic varied style hardcore LP ala Plain Wrap, early Dead Milkmen or even Rhythm Pigs. A buried classic with intellegent lyrics., download immediately!

CLAWS! Comp. LP 85

Please look to the words above to bring on a window to this Boston comp. featuring: The Prime Movers, Capture The Flag, Turbines, The Primevals, Buzz and the Gang, Volcano Suns, Classic Ruins, Unattached, Willie Alexander & the Jackals, Underachievers, Vandykes, Last Stand, New Parts From Old, Actual Size and the Mighty Ions. Also search for pt. 1 called Throbbing Lobster plus more from bands, The Prime Movers and Classic Ruins.

Jack Waterson - whose dog? LP 88

Please refer to the title text above for a link to this solo effort by the GREEN ON RED lead player also with his buddies from the Rain Parade John Thoman, Guitar and Will Glenn on Fiddle.

SCATTERBRAIN - Here Comes Trouble LP 90

Please refer above to the title, therein lies a link to click.

The The - Slow Train To Dawn EP 86

Please drage the mouse up to the title words above and click it, you will see a link form and search for earlier songs in this collection via band title above.

THE WIPERS - Complete Rarities '78 - '90 **REPOST**

Punk From U.S.

Info Here: Wipers

Get It Here:


More Wipers Here


V/A - A Generation Of Hope EP **REPOST**

H/C Punk Compilation From U.S.

Thanks to Count Yorga

Get It Here:



V/A - New York Hardcore: Where The Wild Things Are **REPOST**

V/A - New York Hardcore
Where The Wild Things Are

H/C Compilation From U.S.

Outburst/Killing Time/Life's Blood/Breakdown/Sheer Terror/Maximum Penalty/Uppercut/N.B.S.H./Gorilla Biscuits

Get It Here:



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